Web Hosts

Companies undertake online marketing campaigns to gain greater visibility and thereby build their brands. Many factors influence the success or failure of a campaign and one such factor is the web host you choose.

We have repeatedly been told that “content is king” and in the creation of the content for a website all care is taken to ensure that it is outstanding. When the content on a site is useful and unique, it attracts and retains visitors and greatly increases the possibility of getting conversions. Great content also serves the dual purposes of signaling the search engines. When the retention rate is high and the bounce rate low, search engines know that the site is providing answers to questions and consequently ranks the site high.

While great content could play the greatest role in aiding a company’s SEO campaign, choice of the wrong web host could ruin all that. However great your content is, people will not spend time on your site if it takes too long to load. Online visitors generally scan through content and will immediately switch to another site after just a few seconds.  Or maybe they go to social pages like Facebook.

Your carefully created content will also become useless when people are repeatedly unable to access your site. This happens when your site experiences frequent downtimes. Such downtimes also mean that the search engine crawlers are unable to reach your site. The result is that you fail to get the high rankings that you deserve and this negatively affects your online marketing campaign.

Site speed and up/downtimes are mainly determined by your web host. It is therefore important to research the web host you intend to hire for he or she could make or break your online marketing campaign.

The reputation and location of your web host also influences how the search engines view your site. If your host has been known to engage in unethical practices in the past (or has hosted sites which have subsequently been hacked) this will result in a lower ranking. Since the content on a site is supposed to be useful to site visitors, Google usually recommends that the site is hosted as close as possible to the intended users to facilitate easy access. For this reason, choosing a web host in a country different from the country of your target audience could lead to lower rankings.

The best online marketing efforts could be thwarted by choice of the wrong web host and great care should be taken when choosing one.